Making The Shirt

We started our brand with the belief that we can design and make the best garments any fine gentleman can think of. We begin with iconic English design and fabrics produced by the best and most prestigious family-owned mills around the world.




Fabrics are made of yarns woven together. The staple length, single or double ply construction, and the cotton used decide whether your garment is an off-the-rack gamble or a lifelong investment. At WYRBRIT, we use extra-long staple yarns made from Egyptian cotton. Our fabrics are typically two-ply cottons woven in Italy.


As shirting fabrics evolve, several weaves have become very popular due to their beauty and versatility: Plain, Twill, Poplin, Oxford and Herringbone. Our weavers have mastered these particular weaves over a period of 100 + years, making them known for the finest cotton fabric in the world.


Most factories use harsh chemicals to create a non-iron shirt finish. AT WYRBRIT, our Easy Plus Finish shirts offer superior comfort and are more wrinkle-resistant than a non-iron shirt. And, the process is environmentally friendly.




For clients who fit perfectly into standard sizes, we offer three perfect fits for each size: Regular, Slim, and Extra Slim. For clients who would like a custom shirt, fitting is done based on their body measurement.


Our collars are designed to work beautifully with or without a tie. With medium fuse and precise cut by our master tailors, our collars make a beautiful shirt.


We use a smaller neck button to provide extra comfort and luxury. You will wear your tie with ease for hours on end.


Cuffs define the style of the shirt. But most importantly, cuff style should be determined by the lifestyle of the wearer. Subsequently, we offer a variety of cuff styles. With light-to-no fusing, the fabric will feel soft and luxurious on your wrist.


All shirt yokes are either split or plain. The average, off-the-rack shirt is made with a plain yoke. While less labor-intensive, the plain yoke can bunch or tighten on a variety of body types. At WYRBRIT, we choose to produce all our shirts with split yokes. The split yoke allows for a natural shoulder that moves with you.


The gusset adds style to the mostly unseen (when tucked) part of the shirt. We redesigned our gussets with a 45-degree angle stretch and reinforced closure to transform your shirt into a work of art. For custom orders, you can choose an accent for your gusset.




Our single needle stitching closure is so fine that it must typically be done by hand. At 18-23 stitches per inch, the stitches appear almost seamless and provide undetachable fabric bonding. The density of the fabric determines the maximum stitch count. We provide the highest stitch count possible between 18-23 inches per stitch.


The mother of pearl buttons last longer because of their quality–unlike plastic buttons that crack every now and then. Also, the sixth buttonhole, which is closest to the waist, opens sideways so that body movement is not restricted. Should you decide to untuck your shirt, the color-contrast buttonhole will pop with color and style.


We thoroughly inspect the garment under extremely high standards for flaws that would elude the buyer. Then, we press the shirt so it’s ready for you to wear–straight out of the box.