The Company

We make and sell elite quality, English-crafted suits, dress shirts and shoes for men of prestige. We form highly functional wardrobes that complement your personality with style. Because there’s nothing personal like a wardrobe, we believe that yours must be impeccably made and exclusive to you. We know these will be the best shirts, suits and shoes you’ve ever owned. We help you personalize your wardrobe with a style that reflects your brilliant personality. Our holistic approach considers your entire wardrobe. You will no longer selectively buy apparel that simply occupies your closet. Instead, we help you choose your best colour tone, create your own style, or select from our collections of carefully crafted garments as elements that complement your personality at all times. The result is a highly functional wardrobe that does only one thing–showcase your personality.

Brand Culture

WYRBRIT ™ celebrates the heritage of artisan manufacturing and exceptional craftsmanship. We searched the world to discover the most reputable names in artisan manufacturing and finally enlisted iconic Italian and English craftsmen. Canclini, a family-owned Italian mill, weaves all our dress shirt fabric before it passes into the hands of experienced Italian tailors. Meanwhile, every stitch of every suit is sewn with precision by the finest English tailors of Savile Row–the epitome of bespoke tailoring that set the pace for what we now call classic men’s fashion. Your WYRBRIT ™ suit or shirt will be the best you’ve ever owned. But even more, your WYRBRIT ™ wardrobe will start a heritage of your own: one that complements your personality with style.

Est. 2017

Our Story

My grandfather was trained as a ‘washerman’–one who cleaned and ironed clothes for a living. He passed on his professional pressing of garments to my parent’s generation and now to me. In fact, one of my first life skills was how to press a dress shirt. As I grew up in a neighbourhood of handmade tailoring, I saw firsthand what the human hand is capable of.

These exposures in my early life developed my appreciation for quality craftsmanship, especially when it comes to men’s clothing. I spent years of my career as a business branding expert. But during that time, I realized that what I really sold was what I wore. My clients took recommendations from me to enhance their appearance. They recognized me as the savvy dresser and not the marketing expert that I said I was. It was then that I realized that what you wear–and not what you say–is what you are truly selling.

Through my business branding career, I realized my purpose in life is to help people build the brand that influences businesses and the world–not the other way around. So I decided to tap into the heritage of artisan craftsmanship, where the human hand had everything to do with what people wear. Subsequently, I started WYRBRIT ™, a clothing brand that makes handmade suits made in England’s Savile Row London.

At WYRBRIT ™, we realize that what was missing in the men’s fashion landscape was not another big clothing brand; it is the fashion expert’s brand–quality craftsmanship and heritage of handmaking ingenuity that connects personality with clothing. We discovered that heritage in Savile Row London and saw the value of building a brand on that heritage. Known for its exceptional men’s tailoring, Savile Row has been the one location where made to measure is the norm. Each time you purchase a WYRBRIT ™ suit or shirt, you’re buying decades of that heritage.