Kid suede refers to the soft, velvety suede leather type, which comes from small goat skins. The skins are pretty small, increasing the leather’s price (consumption per pair). This is a very delicate suede.  

Calf suede refers to the outer part of the calfskin leather—the outside of the skin where the hair grows. It’s the opposite of suede. It’s the inside of the calf. Calf suede is our regular calf suede used in most of our ready-made production.  

Nubuck is a calfskin leather sanded or buffed on the grain side to produce a velvet-like surface. Nubuck does not require waxing to maintain its original appearance; it’s kept by brushing and using a nap to maintain that look. The buffed leather allows the surface to have fibers simulating the […]

Patent is the type of leather appropriate for your tuxedo shoes. It is a type of corrected leather that is painted with a thick, shiny coating. The term for this process is called “Japaned.” It’s a heavy black lacquer that’s applied to the leather.  

Painted pebble grain is full-grain leather embossed with marks such as pebbles. Because the embossing is artificial – done after tanning, the grains appear uniformly as compared to  

Crust calf leather (painted calf) enables artisans to hand paint the pieces with special creams and brushes. The look is very artisanal. Its source is CONCERIA NUOVA ANTILOPE from Italy (the same crust material used by Santoni, Berlutti, and Andres Sendra, among many others)  

Box calf is a full-grain leather in its most natural state, without additional treatment after tanning. Note that this type of leather will appear a little dull (until polished). Box calf is the regular calf leather used in the ready-made collection of the most highly reputable brands for men’s shoes. […]

Polished calf refers to rectified calf grain. This eliminates any skin imperfections for a much smoother and shiny finish. Unlike regular full-grain leather, which comes with a dull finish, the look of the Polished calf is not as natural as that of a regular, plain full-grain, but it is very […]

Pebble grain is similar to full grain except that its grains are different. The grains are round-looking, like small pebbles. It’s also pressed or embossed in order to create a textured grain pattern in the leather. Pebble grain leather is regarded as less formal.  

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