The two main important factors in the longevity of your dress shoe are ironically what you do to the shoes when you’re not wearing them. The first factor is the condition of the leather, and the second is the shoe’s architecture.  A shoe tree is the one tool that can […]

Suede is one of the wardrobe elements that needs constant care to maintain its look, form, and shape. More than anything else in your wardrobe, the shoe horn, brush, and protective agents are necessary. Brushing Always brush your suede immediately after wearing them with a proper suede brush. Brush softly […]

Shining your shoe is done by applying a wax and  extensive buffing. The wax coats the shoe and prevents water or liquid substances from entering the leather. Waxing is what really brings the shine and typically is done 5-10 minutes after you have applied the cream. We recommend waxing the […]

Conditioning your shoe with cream provides much-needed nourishment to the leather. Over time, the leather dries up, and the cream helps it to recover. It also brings the original color of the shoe before waxing. Conditioning your shoe often (depending on how it’s worn usually) will go a long way […]