If you have ordered a shoe using our online 3D platform, you are familiar with these terms, as they will appear on the lower left corner of the page as you design your shoe. This article is a written description of the parts that make a dress shoe. Some shoes […]

The sole bottom is the part that’s less visible and gets direct contact to the ground/floor. The part that’s most impacted by wear and tear. A good sole bottom is often made of waterproof materials.

In well-constructed shoes, the welt is a strip of leather which runs along the perimeter of the outsole. Its primary function is to attach the upper to the outsole and create  greater durability. The welt of a shoe is in between the sole and the base . There are different […]

The insole is the part of the sole that’s inside of the shoe – the part that gets direct contact with your foot.

The sole of the shoe is the lower part of the entire part of the shoe that gets  direct contact with the ground/floor and your foot. It’s divided into three different parts: insole, outsole and sole bottom.

The back of the shoe is a stripe attached to the heel in the center. It’s obviously visible from the back of the shoe.

The quarter is the upper sides of the shoe after the vamp. The quarter of the shoe is where the eyelets are placed for both oxfords and derbys. The part of the shoe  referred to in this article as the quarter is simply termed as the base together with every […]

The tongue is underneath, and in between an oxford or derby there’s a piece of leather that’s shaped like a tongue.

The vamp is the upper front part of the shoe. The vamp is the material with the most coverage on your foot than any of the other parts. Call it the mid section of the shoe,  between the quarter and heel.

The toe cap is the part of the shoe that covers your toe. A traditional toe cap is the rounded tip – which is very English. A slightly squared tip is a more contemporary, and classic elegance. Learn more about how to choose between the two in this article: Zurigo […]