If you have ordered a shoe using our online 3D platform, you are familiar with these terms, as they will appear on the lower left corner of the page as you design your shoe. This article is a written description of the parts that make a dress shoe. Some shoes […]

Kid suede refers to the soft, velvety suede leather type, which comes from small goat skins. The skins are pretty small, increasing the leather’s price (consumption per pair). This is a very delicate suede.  

Brogue shoes are ‘oxford-looking’ types of shoes with decorative holes perforated around the cap toe, back, and around. The term ‘brogue’ is technically not a type of shoe. It refers to the decorative holes in a shoe caused by the perforation of its base leather – typically an Oxford or a […]

As the name suggests. An Oxford-looking shoe made with a single-cut base is produced using one whole piece of a single material to make the base. Instead of different materials patched together to form the various aspects of the base, the base of the whole cut shoe is made from one […]

Many terms describe men’s footwear and the variant categories of shoes that make a gentleman’s wardrobe. We have curated some of the known and accepted terms that best describe the most popular shoes.