Frequently Asked About Shoes

Do I Need an Account to Place an Order?

No. You do not need an account to submit an order for bespoke WYRBRIT™ handcrafted shoes. However, we strongly recommend creating an account, as it makes the in-store credit or refund process much easier, should that be needed.


What Materials Are Utilized to Craft WYRBRIT™ Shoes?

Our shoes are hand-crafted almost entirely with a meticulously curated range of calfskin leather. We are also pleased to offer our clients other natural materials, such as tweed, flannel, and denim.

Can I See and Feel Leather Samples Before I Order?

Yes. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our entire range of fine leather swatches, which are available in all of our Washington, DC showrooms. Please make an appointment to view our exquisite leather samples.

How Are Handcrafted Shoes Made?

Handcrafted shoes are cut, assembled, and stitched entirely by hand with an assortment of specialty tools. This custom process is considerably more labor-intensive than mass machine manufacturing, but the resulting quality and design is superlative and unmatched.


Are WYRBRIT™ Shoes True to Size?

Yes. Our shoes follow standard shoe sizing and available in all sizes.

How Do I Know What My Real Size(s) Are?

Shoe sizes are typically displayed on the soles of your shoes. Alternatively, the sizes may also be located on the back of the shoes’ tongues. In the instance that your shoe sizes are not visible on any of your shoes, please make an appointment to visit our showrooms so that a stylist may assist you with our try on sets to determine your size(s). You may also visit any local shoe store and try on the sizes.

What If I Have Two Shoe Sizes?

Typically, most people wear different sizes for different types of shoes. Each order is processed separately, so you may choose different sizes for each type of shoe you purchase.

How Long Does It Take to Receive the Orders?

You may expect to receive your order within approximately 21 working days from the submission date.

Is Shipping Included?

For your convenience, we cover shipping for our online made-to-order shoes. You pay shipping on all other products.

Do I Pay Extra for My Personal Stylist?

No. Working with your complimentary personal wardrobe stylist is one of the many reasons why our discerning clients love the WYRBRIT™ experience. To get started, simply create an account online, and we will pick it up from there.

Can I Cancel an Order?

If you change your mind after you have submitted your order, contact us directly to find out whether production has already begun. If production has not begun, we will be more than willing to refund the full purchase amount. In these cases, please be advised that there will be a $70 cancellation fee, as the shoes go directly into production when the order is submitted. Our artisans begin their craftsmanship immediately by hand cutting costly raw materials.

Made to Order WYRBRIT™ Shoe Return Policy

Once a shoe order is submitted through our 3D platform, it is produced according the customer’s individualized specifications. This process involves hand cutting materials for the shoe. Because WYRBRIT shoes are made-to-order, we are only able to offer in-store credit, subject to our return policy. If you change your mind within 24 hours of submitting your order, we will be happy to refund the full purchase amount. However, please be advised that all shoe returns include a $70 cancellation fee.  Each return is treated on a case-by-case basis. Here are the factors that we consider for each return:

If the size of the shoe does not fit for any reason, please ship the unworn shoe to us, and we will issue an in-store credit to use for future purchases.

It rarely happens, but if you ordered a shoe on the 3D platform and the color is slightly different from what you were expecting, we will offer you an in-store credit for future purchases, upon receipt of the original product.

We recommend that monograms are limited to only your initials and not more than 3-4 letters. It is uncommon that initials are misspelled, but mistakes do happen. If you misspell the monogram on the sole of the shoe, we cannot accept a return on that product; however, we are willing to issue an in-store credit for the cost of the monogram, which you may apply toward your next purchase.