Full Grain

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Full grain refers to the highest quality of leather and the leather of choice for all of our leather shoes. Our full grain leather is made from calfskin sourced from Northwestern Spain, Germany and Italy. The regular full grain leathers should display the natural markings and grain characteristics from the animal of which it was taken, and they offer a natural look and feel.

On our 3D platform, “full grain” refers to full grain leather with embossed grains after tanning to give it a uniform grain. The natural full grain leather has grains but they are not very visible and uniform. Embossing  gives it a uniform appearance.

Note: Regardless of the form of leather, we use full grain leather as the basic material then we treat it with color, and sand it (into suede, or nubuck). That’s important because other manufacturers use a degraded version of the full grain and name it “Top Grained Leather.”  Whether it’s a polished grain or pebble grain, we use the same quality the industry refers to as full grain.