Why We Use Calfskin

The raw material for all of our leather production is calfskin. The leather of choice for quality shoemaking. From the calf many types of leathers are produced. WYRBRIT only use the highest quality available – the full grain. Calfskin is the best to produce top-quality leather because the calf’s skin is much softer and likely to have less scars and marks. This is very important because full grain leather goes through very minimum processing, called – tanning, which removes the hair. That is the entire process. Subsequently, the calfskin always appears natural (until polished). Whatever marks the calf has become visible on a full grain leather. In shoe manufacturing, this means only a few hides will pass the mark to be used as full grain leather because while scars on an animal are inevitable, only the few animals with very few scars can yield full grain leather. This is why full grain leather is expensive. 


Over centuries, European manufacturers have built a reputation of high-quality leather manufacturing. In addition to artisanal shoe manufacturing, Spain has been one of the world’s leaders in high-quality leather supply. Our calf tanneries are located in from Northwest Spain, Germany, and Italy.

Why Full Grain Calfskin Is Good For Shoemaking

Due to the minimal processing that goes into full grain (or calfskin) leather, it does not appear shiny like a military boot. It has a rather smooth dull finish. Also, one unique quality of full grain leather, besides weight, is that it develops rich patina as it ages. It expands to accommodate the shape of your feet and easy to care for.

Leather References