Monk Strap

The monk strap is a shoe strapped on the side with a buckle. It’s a dress shoe, and like the loafer or oxford, it comes in variants such as brogue, double monk, etc. It consists of a heel, a cap toe, and a strap over the tongue. It is tightly stitched on a welted sole.

The elegance of a monk lies in its simplicity. It’s also safe to say monks are not your safest bet if you’re looking for a versatile and all-around type of shoe. Unlike the Oxford or Derby, a monk strap is not that common. If you look around you (wherever you are now), chances are you won’t find many men wearing monk versus oxfords.

A double monk is the same as a monk but with a second buckle at the side.

Except if you are sure this is the only shoe you can afford to wear, don’t make it your first shoe. When you wear a three-piece suit, it’s better not to wear a monk strap. If you have to wear it and have options, ensure it’s a single monk strap. The reason is that the best dress men make it seem effortless, so the less you wear the better. Given the structure of a double monk strap, it’s ideal to wear them in a way that won’t seem like one is putting in every effort to catch the eye of passersby.