My grandfather was trained as a ‘washerman’–one who cleaned and ironed clothes for a living. He passed on his professional pressing of garments to my parents’ generation and now to me. In fact, one of my first life skills was how to press a dress shirt. As I grew up in a neighborhood of handmade tailoring, I saw firsthand what the human hand is capable of.

These exposures in my early life developed my appreciation for quality craftsmanship, especially when it comes to men’s clothing. I spent years of my career as a business branding expert. But during that time, I realized that what I really sold was what I wore. My clients took recommendations from me to enhance their appearance. They recognized me as the savvy dresser and not the marketing expert that I said I was. It was then that I realized that what you wear–and not what you say–is what you are truly selling.

Through my business branding career, I realized my purpose in life is to help people build the brand that influences businesses and the world–not the other way around. So I decided to tap into the heritage of artisan craftsmanship, where the human hand had everything to do with what people wear. Subsequently, I started WYRBRIT ™, a clothing brand that makes handmade suits made in England’s Savile Row London.

At WYRBRIT ™, we realize that what was missing in the men’s fashion landscape was not another big clothing brand; it is the fashion expert’s brand–quality craftsmanship and a heritage of handmaking ingenuity that connects personality with clothing. We discovered that heritage in Savile Row London and saw the value of building a brand on that heritage. Known for its exceptional men’s tailoring, Savile Row has been the one location where made to measure is the norm. Each time you purchase a WYRBRIT ™ suit or shirt, you’re buying decades of that heritage.

Nii Akwei E.

Influencer and Tastemaker

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