Other Materials

Other Materials

On our 3D platform we use “other materials” other than leather. These materials can either form the entire base of a shoe or be utilized as an accent for your shoe. For instance, swapping the vamp of your double monk strap (leather shoes) with a nice tweed. Or, designing a pair of slippers completely with linen.


Linen  is a thick version of the regular linen fabric. The rough texture of the type of linen we use to manufacture our shoes adds to  durability. The linen fabric can only be used for casual style shoes such as slippers. Available in: Black, Blue, Brown, Grey, Ice, Khaki, Mustard, Navy(looks like denim), Plum, Purple, Tan, Red, Orange, and Green.


Our velvet is a cotton fabric. It offers a wider range of light colors, much lighter in weight than the  leather materials. The velvet fabric can be utilized as the base of your slippers. Available in: Black, Beige, Brown, Burgundy, Dark Grey, Forest Green, Fuschia, Green, Khaki, Make Up, Mustard, Navy, Purple, Red, Royal Blue,


Wool is the most versatile fabric in the fashion industry because it could be used for virtually any type of garment and can be produced in about any color, weight, and texture. This allows us to provide varieties of interesting patterns and shades in high-quality and natural fiber for your shoe. Wool ranges from tweed, flannels, tartan, herringbone, plaid, etc.