Making The Suit

Our English-crafted handmade suits, made in Savile Row England, are the framework of your appearance for any occasion. We start from the highest quality wool in an infinite range of styles, all made in England. Our styles have been developed and enhanced over decades and influenced by gentlemen from all walks of life, including Winston Churchill.

But what makes your suit really special? The well-experienced tailor who makes it by hand. You’re buying not only quality and style, but the English heritage of suit making–where it all began. | SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT VISIT OUR TRUNK SHOWS

ASCOT COLLECTION LUXURY WORSTED JACKETING Holland & Sherry’s new range of luxurious 100% wool worsted jacketing comprises classically coloured and styled gun club and glen plaid designs, alongside some new and contemporary windowpanes. Cloths from our Ascot range are ideal for the country or city and have a traditional, timeless appeal that makes them an essential component of every wardrobe. A popular quality for Holland & Sherry, the cloths in this collection are the perfect choice for the classic tailored suit. CHEQUERS SUPER 130's SAXON MERINO WOOL Chequers is a collection of contemporary check designs that have been woven from 17µ Saxon merino wool. Inspired by colour and design and having a full flannel finish we are confident that this collection will not disappoint. To compliment the collection we have included a comprehensive selection of plains and a small selection of woollen spun flannels with bouclé decoration. CAPE HORN SUPER 100's WOOL WORSTED WITH CASHMERE The Cape Horn collection has been woven from fine merino wool imported from the nearby Patagonia region of South America. Abounding in fresh water and lush vegetation, the valleys of Patagonia are the ideal habitat for merino sheep, producing fleece fibres that are cleaner and stronger. A popular quality for Holland & Sherry, the cloths in this collection are the perfect choice for the classic tailored suit. CLASSIC FLANNEL WOOL WORSTED-FLANNEL PLAINS Our latest flannel collection is a mix of classic and contemporary coloured solids that are available in a variety of weights and wool qualities. Flannel fabrics are both comfortable and warm to wear, they have excellent drape and crease recovery properties making them one of the most popular choices for autumn and winter attire. INTER CITY WOOL WORSTED SUITING The InterCity suiting collection has been designed specifically for the business environment, combining handmade quality with hardwearing practicality. This is our classic suiting line, traditionally British and heavyweight. The InterCity collection offers a comprehensive range of stripes in classic navies and greys. The addition of contemporary colours, such as aubergine with a purple stripe, ensures broad appeal. The collection is completed by other woven designs including glen checks, sharkskins, birdseyes and herringbones. SWAN HILL LUXURY SUPER 160's WITH CASHMERE Holland & Sherry’s Swan Hill collection has been created by blending a 15.5 micron merino wool with cashmere of a similar micron count. This luxurious blend is then spun to a 90/2nm yarn count, woven into 2/2 twill construction and finished with a traditional “true merchant finish”. The finished cloth has an abundant richness, is full-bodied and has a gentle handle; a true example of luxury. CORDUROYS & MOLESKIN CORDUROYS & MOLESKIN This new collection of corduroy fabrics features a variety of familiar and new qualities. All are renowned for their performance and durability but for the first time in our 180 year history we have included a new quality constructed primarily from cotton but with the added benefit of 2% elastane. The collection also includes a wide range of Moleskins in a variety of weights and colours. CASH CORD CASH CORD For discerning individuals who desire a higher level of luxury, the cashmere content in Cash Cord offers extra softness, bloom and sheen. In this collection we offer two qualities, an 8 wale cord and 12 wale cord. The 8 wale cord is typically known as a Jumbo cord whilst the 12 wale cord is known as a standard cord. The added benefit of cashmere in both qualities offers a unique handle and a luxurious drape. Both qualities are the ultimate choice when choosing a luxury cord for that special informal occasion. LUXURY VELVET LUXURY VELVET The luxurious softness of velvet makes it the perfect choice for any formal event that requires a degree of elegance and sophistication. The Holland & Sherry velvet collection offers a range of sumptuous colours including opulent purples, reds and blues, alongside the more muted maroon, mauve and Persian blue. The wide choice of colours ensures you will find just the right colour for you. CASHMERE PURE OPULENCE LUXURY WOOLLEN SPUN CASHMERE JACKETS The cashmere used to produce this fabric is made from the very finest Inner Mongolian cashmere, whose luxurious handle is renowned the world over. From a snow-white base, extraordinarily vivid shades may be produced, some of which can be found in this truly majestic new collection. The sheer beauty of this range can only be experienced at first hand. SHERRYALPACA LUXURY WOOL WITH ALPACA AND SILK Inspired by colour, this collection of jacketing fabrics has been exclusively designed by Holland & Sherry. Wool, alpaca and silk have been intimately blended and woven together in a 2/2 twill construction, producing a luxury collection that has a unique handle, is full bodied and has beautiful drape qualities. The cloths in this collection have been co-ordinated with a selection of coloured plains, providing the option of a city or more casual, country look. WINTER SUITING FABRICS