For a sharp, dressy, business-like appearance, take the shirt to a professional cleaner and ask for a “wash and press” service. 

Generally, when you launder a shirt, its size might shrink slightly in certain areas. You should never heat dry your shirt to preserve its size and longevity.

If you wash your shirt at home, wash it with like colors, hang it dry, and iron it while still damp. Use medium starch to revive the appearance. Remember that drying in the dryer will increase shrinkage and cause premature wear on fused collars and cuffs. 

Do Not Bleach

Do Not Dry Heat

Do Not Use Fabric Softners

About Linens

Made from the flax plant, linen is one of the most breathable fabrics for clothing manufacturing. The slightly coarse texture of the fabric is due to the fiber. One can identify a linen fabric by the ‘slubs’ (the tiny knots randomly along its length) and gracious soft creases. Linen fabric feels cool to the touch, indicating its higher conductivity (the same principle that makes metals feel “cold”).

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