• $1,200.00

    This blazer is the type of blazer that will take you everywhere. Although designed with flexibility in mind, the luxurious appearance of this fabric will afford you the flexibility to dress it down or up. Made with super 140 Merino wool woven in Italy by Zignone, the single button, notch lapel, Milanese lapel hole, patched pockets, excellent drape, and embellishment of handmade details put this blazer in a class of its own. We call it the Milanese jacket because of the fabric’s origin, but also it embodies the excellence of Milanese tailoring.

  • $2,700.00

    This overcoat is designed to have a clean finish, yet it’s embellished with functional details that are noticeable without losing its simple silhouette. The clean finish, military-inspired structure and remarkably woven heavyweight flannel make this overcoat a winter staple. But what really sets this jacket apart is that it’s designed to look remarkably good on women as it is on men.

  • $515.00

    This single monk shoe offers full coverage with an easy slip in with about an inch and half leather sole welted to the base of the shoe. Semi brogue along the curves elevates the look to a class of its own. Due to the slightly high sole and complete coverage of your foot, this monk is your perfect choice for the cold weather. Dress it down with a pair of jeans, tweed jackets, corduroy, or dress it up with a flannel suit.