Painted Calf Whole Cut (Plain Navy)


Whole cut painted calf navy, made with calf. A whole oxford designed for the men who make the talk of the town. From blemish-free single piece of leather this oxford is cut. Due to the fact that it’s made of one single piece of leather, it’s utterly smooth in appearance with the reward of luxury that will articulate your status like no other footwear could.

Product Details

Base Leather: Calf
Sole Material: Leather
Sole Layer: Multi Layered Sole

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It takes about four weeks to completely manufacture a WYRBRIT shoe from scratch, versus the traditional manufacturing of bespoke shoes that takes between six and 12 months. This is because we stock our raw materials treated and ready for production to cut down our manufacturing lead time significantly.

Our commitment to use natural, superior quality and ethically sourced materials applies to our shoe manufacturing as well. Our manufacturing process is true to the tradition of how the early shoemakers in Spain handpicked and treated their own materials for their clients.


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Weight 3 lbs


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