Slippers are low-cut loafers with a plain front and very flat soles. Typically, the base of a slipper is a whole. A slip-on is usually a go-to for a dress-down, out-and-about outfit.

Slippers are the type of men’s shoe you can find virtually in any material and color. Unlike the rigid format and appearance of oxfords, derby, or a classic loafer, slippers are made in fancy leathers, suede, and fabrics.

One distinctive characteristic about a slipper is that it’s both super casual and can be highly formal (provided it’s made with suede or velvet). For instance, one can wear denim slippers with linen shorts in the summer or midnight blue velvet slippers with dark green plaid trousers and a navy velvet smoking jacket for a Christmas dinner. Or, velvet slippers can be an elegant replacement for your formal outfit.

If you own velvet slippers, cleaning them immediately after wearing them is imperative. You can’t go wrong with any velvet jacket and matching velvet slippers as dinner wear.