One of our most popular shirts is made of SÖKTAŞ fabric. We source unique fabrics you can’t find anywhere else from Soktas. If you’re a menswear enthusiast, there’s a chance you haven’t heard the name, but there’s not a chance you won’t like their fabrics. Woven in Turkey, this mill specializes in the highest quality cotton fabric. 


Over a century of expertise in cotton farming, followed by more than half a century of dedication to textile innovation, gives us a unique perspective. We are able to harness the entire production chain, starting at the level of cotton cultivation and going all the way to the final fabric finish.

Our R&D initiatives are always instigated with a view towards environmental care and a sustainable future. In addition to broadening our landmark projects, Meander 71 and Regenerative Cotton, we are constantly at work developing original yarns and new blends. With each new collection, our talented design team, based between our design center in Söke and our offices in Italy, proudly expands on the more than 600,000 fabrics we offer. As can be deduced from our logo, a discreet combination of a harvest-ready cotton boll and the curve of the Meander River, we take great pride in our strong roots in ancient Meander Valley, our contribution to its history of design and industry, and most of all, in the members of our dedicated team.