The Color Game

When you take a trip to the women’s department store, you’ll notice that women do something very sacred in their quest for a new member of their wardrobe. That is, every woman will hold the dress below her chin to judge how it looks with together with their face. Why men don’t do that is because we are the least educated on the subject matter – color.

Understand that only 10% of your body – face and hands will show when a man wears a suit. And with that, all admirers will see is a lot of what you’re wearing, correct? No, that shouldn’t be. When we dress whether in suits or shorts, whatever the color or texture maybe, should lead the viewer/admirer to our face. In short, the garment color should elevate the little part of our skin that’s exposed. Especially for men.

This might seem difficult especially in today’s world where everything is online. But it’s important and when it’s done properly, you’ll understand your complexion and will not need another color reading until your complexion starts receiving it’s inevitable grey members.

What’s Color Reading? The color reading technique is quite similar to what the ladies do in the dressing room only this time, it involves a detailed analysis of one’s complexion and skin tone to create a color palette that will elevate and complement his skin tone.

Before you purchase a suit/shirt, especially if you have the luxury of choosing your own fabric, make sure you understand your complexion. Otherwise, what looked good on the model on your screen might be detrimental to your sartorial appeal. To get you started, we have partnered with the world’s leading Color Reading expert for an introduction to color and complexion.



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